HUMOR: A day in the life of the Scroll’s hot new it couple “Comanda"

Amanda Young

By Claire Heinichen, ’11, Lighter Fare Editor

It’s 8:05 am on a typical Monday morning, and both Cody and Amanda are still in their jammies, pondering new ways to torture the Scroll staff while enjoying a nice stack of latkes. After a little while Amanda will retire to her bedroom, where she will practice her facial expressions in the mirror before hitting six people on the way to school. Cody will spend the next ten minutes reading the newspaper, crossing out all of the negative things about Obama and drawing funny faces on Republicans, and then head for school as well. Sources close to the couple have suggested that this may be how Cody and Amanda’s romance blossomed, with both of their inability to ever be to school on time. “They would hold hands and skip while singing “Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel” as they came in from the ‘Scoobydoo’ parking lot’” a close friend of both parties has said.

8:35- A Band-

Amanda strolls into Physics class, where Mr. Miller is discussing his theory on ACDC vs. Van Halen. He makes a witty quip about her tardiness, Jules laughs just a little too hard, and Amanda looks confused, but she disguises it with a blank stare. She takes her seat in the back, where she is busy carving a properly shaded drawing of Cody into her work table.

Cody is free this bell. He has four subjects worth of homework to do, but instead decides to go into Mr. Fossett’s room and start an argument over some political issue which he will likely lose. He then decides to venture down to the senior pit, taking care to walk slowly past Mr. Miller’s physics room in order exchange some deep, loving eye contact with Amanda. She returns his look with a blank stare.

B Band-

Amanda is free this bell, and we are assuming Cody is as well because he never seems to be in class. The two were spotted in the lower level of the dinning terrace, splitting a stack of matzah while thinking of ways to annoy Claire with article assignments. “She has nothing to do with her time, let’s ask her to write twelve articles this week!” Cody was overheard mumbling between mouthfuls of matzah and peanut butter. Amanda agrees, which she confirms via blank stare.


The rest of the high school is now swarming the dinning terrace, and Cody and Amanda have separated in order to hush the rumors of their love affair. Cody wanders around searching for a teacher to harass, while Amanda finds poor Ali Breneman contemplating BC Calculus at a table near the back. “She was going on and on about how cute he is when he talks with his mouthful, and how she only joined The Scroll to have an excuse to spend time with him. It was creepy” mentions Ali. She also added that while Amanda’s speech was very passionate, “she managed to maintain a confused-ish blank stare throughout the entire conversation.”

C Band-

Amanda and Cody are separated this bell, despite Cody’s attempts to sneak into Mr. Dahl’s office and change his history elective to match hers. He looks sad and depressed all throughout Mr. Fossett’s “Constitutional Issues” class, pining for his other half, while Amanda spends all of “Rap on Race” showing a mysterious blank stare. Oh, young love.

D Bands-

Cody is now trapped in Mr. Miller’s physics lab, where he is often caught looking dreamily down at his desk where Amanda is working on his portrait. He gets lost in the memories, flashing back to the many Scroll meetings where she used her seductive stare to strike fear in the heart of every writer on staff. Unbeknownst to Cody, Amanda has skipped her English class in order to perch outside the lab’s window and watch Cody as he studies.

F Band-

During F band, the couple reunites once Cody slips out of Mrs. Floyd’s creative writing class, claiming too many chocolate gilt coins won in games of dreidel the previous night were making his tummy ache. They meet in the senior pit, where they continue to plot ways to ruin the Scroll staff’s day. “I’ve got it!” cries Amanda, “let’s make everyone write humorous articles! That won’t be painful at all!” “LOL!” Cody replies. Amanda stares blankly, basking in her genius.


Cody and Amanda eat at separate tables as to not arouse suspicion, but exchange what Amanda believes are longing glances across the dining terrace. Cody is confused by the blank stare he keeps receiving from her, but between bites of his bagel and schmeer, he’s not too concerned.

G Band-

Cody has AP Photo this period, where he convinced Ms. L that he needed to go down to the dark room to work on a

few things. Sources were unable to confirm what happened in the dark room because it was dark, but Amanda is free this bell and was not spotted in her usual place, in the senior pit staring blankly at the wall… Coincidence?

H Band-

Comanda shares the same AP Calculus class this period with Mr. Faulhaber. Prior to class, Cody was spotted yelling at a printer, unable to figure out this whole password/printer crap. However, he reportedly picked up someone else’s paper at the printer, which turned out to be his bitter Lighter Fare editor’s article on her theory that the evil editors of newspaper must both be dating and plotting to ruin her life, and that they also eat a lot latkes and matzah. Fuming, he brings the article to class to show Amanda. They were maaaaaaad. Or at least that’s what Amanda’s blank stare suggested.

Photo by Ilana Habib, ’11, Photography Editor