All You Need to Know About CCD’s Pride and Prejudice


Ayla Daoud, Contributor '26

I had an opportunity to catch up with Cecelia Hensley and Charlie Connelly, two of the actors in the upcoming production of Pride and Prejudice. Clear your calendar now, because according to Connelly, the cast this year is on fire like the “96 Bulls” (for non-NBA fans, this was the year the Chicago Bulls achieved a league record). From my interviews, I am certain that the cast has incredible energy. There is “humor in almost every line,” says Charlie Connelly who is playing Mr. Bingley, opposite Nicole McNeal. He also commented, “Me and Nicole will make a great team, and I think it will show.” In addition to the humor and romance that are sure to shine brighter than any Bridgerton episode, the show is also going to put a modern twist on costuming. According to Hensley, “The costumes in the show are a little different than you might expect…each character has a unique costume, and I am so excited for the audience to see them all.” When I asked Hensley if there was one thing from behind the scenes that she thought would blow people away, her response was, “my castmates’ incredible work ethic and drive to make the show the best.” She mentioned for instance, that Ashley Odom, who is portraying Ms. Bingley, has recently taken over an additional role and has made personal sacrifices to do this. Not just a chick flick and not a Halloween slasher either, the play will have something for everyone and is the hottest date night ticket so far in the year of 2022. Grab your date or your mate, and we will see you on opening night!