Working: A Spring Musical Update


Austin Vaughan , Contributor '22

This spring, CCDS’s theatre department will be doing a production of the Stephen Schwartz musical Working. The show itself is based on a series of interviews with members of the working class – from fast food workers to truck drivers. It features an ensemble cast assembled by our director, Mr. Rose. On the other side of the production we have the crew, put together by Mr. DiTullio and Mr. Hudson.

As the Sound Designer, I am in charge of recording sound cues, assigning and leveling out the actors’ microphones, and making sure that the band can be heard. So far, every deadline for sound crew has been met, with mic plots made and cue sheets completed. Since my crew is on schedule, I have had time to assist with build crew, which as the name implies, is in charge of constructing the set. Our build crew head, Justin Puckett, has done a fantastic job as always, putting together a beautiful and comprehensive set. Some crews, like lighting crew, do not have much work until tech week starts – long days known as cue to cues are devoted to lighting, allowing them to work out every lighting cue, of which there can be hundreds.

The actors have been working hard many nights a week, learning blocking, lines, choreography (dances), and songs. Though it seems like a lot for them to manage—and it is—the cast always manages to put on an incredible performance. As we approach tech week, both sides of the show will come together, and all people involved will be at school very late to put on the best possible show that we can. Come see Working on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of March.


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