Mid-Season Sports Review


Wynton Jackson, Sports Editor, '21

It’s been a little over a month since Ohio Governor Mike DeWine approved seasons for contact sports, allowing for all high school athletes to enjoy their fall athletics this year. There was an unbearably long period from June to the end of August where the state government kept putting off addressing sports until literally the last minute. Although practices were approved in early June, many athletes went into their first games without prior experience in a scrimmage. Many weren’t sure if athletes would even have a fall season this year; it seemed there were too many risks involved. However, at least in the MVC, there haven’t been any huge outbreaks of COVID. Students have contracted the virus here and there, but the majority have been careful and understand that, at any moment, their seasons could end.

For many fall sports, homecoming marks the middle of the season. It’s also somewhat close to the middle of the 1st quarter, so I took the liberty of interviewing seniors on each team, just as a sort of mid-season recap:

How long have you played (fall sport) at CCD?

  • Jenna Setters, Soccer: 4 years
  • Ryan Graham, Cross Country: 2 years
  • Gauri Midha, Golf: 2 years
  • Kamryn Jordan, Volleyball: 4 years
  • Rowan Castrucci, Tennis: 5 years
  • Mark Tereck, Golf: First year
  • Dereck Gray, Soccer: 4 years
  • Michael Noack, Football: 6 years


How has this year been different from last year?

Jenna: This year has been a lot different than others. Not being able to have students on the sidelines cheering us on is a huge downside. I miss all the team bonding activities and tailgates after the game. It’s made it difficult to really get to know all my teammates, especially the freshmen, outside of soccer.

Ryan: One of the big changes would have to be social distancing and wearing a mask. While we don’t wear masks while we run, we do when we warm up and it is strange because it is just so different than what we are used to. Social distancing feels odd during practice, talking to a person that is six feet away just doesn’t give you the same feeling of connection as when you are closer to that person.

Gauri: This year we can’t practice with a big group, which sort of sucks because I can’t spend very much time with my other teammates, but because golf doesn’t require us to be necessarily close to other people, it has been the same.

Kamryn: It really hasn’t been any different besides a late start to the season due to one of our teammates having COVID.

Rowan: We have a lot smaller team this year. I’m actually not sure if that is COVID related or not. We do have to wear masks when getting water or having team meetings. There are a lot less people who come to matches. Everyone is generally 6 feet apart while watching.

Mark: This is my first year on the golf team so I’m not sure how it compares to other years, but everything seems to be as normal as it can be during this time. Only a couple of rule changes and wearing a mask are what significantly differs it from a regular round of golf.

Dereck: This year has had many ups and downs from possibilities of being shut down, to the basic protocols of games and practices. We have to wear masks on the benches and we can’t even fill up our water bottles without a coach or the trainer, Adam, doing it for us.

Michael: This year has been very different because of how COVID has affected us. Back in August, I didn’t think we were going to have a full season. I was expecting us to maybe play a couple games and then a breakout of COVID would stop us.


What’s something positive that you’ve gotten out of this situation?

Jenna: This year has made me so much more appreciative to be able to even play the sport. I’m thankful to have a season and I’m hoping to finish the season out so we have another chance at state. #3peat

Ryan: With everything that is going on we have all have to work as a team more than before because we now have to work to keep everyone safe, I feel as if this extra sense of teamwork has really brought the team together in a different and positive way.

Gauri: I have honestly been able to focus a little bit more and get more out of practice and get better. Last year a lot of practice was taken up by talking to friends and being distracted but with smaller groups we have all been able to get a lot better.

Kamryn: I am not going to take playing sports for granted.

Rowan: Recently, I’ve gotten the opportunity to play with some people I’ve never played doubles with. Because our team is so much smaller, there is more opportunity to play with others I wouldn’t normally get the chance to play with. It’s a really fun season this year and I’ve had a really good time playing with my friends. I will definitely miss it in college.

Mark: One positive thing is the time I’ve spent golfing with my friends. Me and Sai Nalagatla have been regularly going to practice and having a good time. The team also looks poised to go deep into the postseason.

Dereck: One positive thing I’ve gotten is the lesson to appreciate what you are given. We were given a season and we need to make the most of it and appreciate the fact that we are even allowed to play right now.

Michael: Through this part of the year I think I’ve learned to work at things that i don’t even know will happen.  With the uncertainty of COVID, I’ve also gotten closer with my family and have gotten to spend time with them more.