The Grammys Best and Worst Dressed

The Grammys Best and Worst Dressed

Rose Joffe '21, Lila Joffe '21, News Editor, Lifestyles Editor

The Grammys Best and Worst Dressed

Lila Joffe, ’21, Lifestyle Editor

Rose Joffe ’21, News Editor


The Grammys are a place for fashion icons and victims. Throughout the years we have witnessed many mishaps and masterpieces (like JLo’s iconic green plunging “dress” in 2000).  The best part of fashion are the many opinions and debates that come with it. We will be debating back and forth on 2019’s craziest and most iconic looks. We will look at 3 women and 3 men, starting with Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez wearing Ralph and Russo

Lila: This look has way too much going on. The hat is ridiculous, and is bigger than the size of her face. This paired with the bedazzled detailing AND the waist length extensions take this outfit from semi-elegant to  confused. Imagine how heavy those jewels around her neck must be!

Rose: I really love Jlo’s sleek ponytail but her outfit lacks color. I don’t like the hat because it looks too casual for the rest of the outfit and it also blocks her face. I really like the dress and I think that the outfit should have been accessorized differently to emphasize it. Instead the hat really takes the attention away from everything else. Under different circumstances I would probably think that the dress was pretty, but altogether it is too much.


Cardi B wearing vintage Mugler Couture (1995)

Lila: I like how ~out there~ this look is. I also appreciate the couture, because Mugler is always very luxurious. It looks like Cardi B is literally coming out of her shell in this look. I appreciate the pink accents with the flowers, gloves, and cape. The hat I am not so sure about.

Rose:  Cardi B looks really good! I like the contrast of the pink and black. The pearls around her waist and in her hair are so pretty and really highlight the dress. I usually don’t like mermaid-style dresses (not sure if this exactly qualifies), but Cardi really pulls it off. My only issue with her outfit is the rose below her waist; I feel like it is unnecessary and doesn’t really add much to the outfit as a whole.


Kasey Musgraves wearing Versace

Lila: I love this look. It is very simple, which is what sets it apart from almost every other Grammys dress. Kasey Musgraves literally looks like a pink marshmallow peep with a bow around its waist, but she makes it work, wearing only simple makeup and straight, slicked back hair.

Rose: This dress is so beautiful! I’m usually not a fan of strapless dresses, but I like the fanned-out style of the top. The belt really helps to pull this outfit together without taking too much attention away from the dress. This look is simple but really pretty and put-together.


Post Malone, wearing Hahn and Jerry Atwood

Lila: Post Malone, as per usual, is wearing something crazy. I appreciate the stars on the jacket and pants, but the leather is ridiculous. If you look closely enough, everything is bedazzled with tiny fake diamonds. The pink sparkly boots are ridiculous.

Rose: I really don’t like this outfit. I don’t like sets and the peach color of this ‘suit’ (if I should even use that label) really washes him out. The bedazzled jacket, which I’m surprised that I don’t hate, might look decent if it wasn’t paired with his hideous pants. The belt is the cherry on top and, if its even possible, makes the outfit look worse. His matching shoes also make him look like he is wearing a really ugly, super expensive onesie.


Jack Antonoff wearing Prada

Lila: I love this look. Prada is such a classic designer, making this look practically timeless. I also appreciate the subtle pops of black in the gray suit, as seen in the collar and buttons, as well as Jack’s shoes. He does not accessorize, making this look simple but classy.

Rose: Not sure what he’s doing with his hands in this photo, but I really like this suit. Jack Antonoff looks really classy. Post Malone should really take a hint from this guy!


Shawn Mendes wearing Paul Smith

Lila: Is it just me or does Shawn Mendes always wear a blue suit to award shows? This look is getting pretty boring! I can appreciate his interesting choice in designer, but otherwise I have definitely seen this before.

Rose: I really like the color of the suit Shawn Mendes is wearing but I am not sure about the black shoes and shirt. I think he maybe should have gone with a more neutral color combination because black and blue are not complementary colors.