Huelskamp designs own Homecoming dress

Alex Lento

By Sophie Weinstein, ’13, Contributor

Every year, there is always a lot of buzz about what everyone will wear to Homecoming.  Girls often worry about where to get a dress and if someone else will end up wearing the same one.  However, Jamie Huelskamp, ’11, didn’t have to worry about that this year because she wore to the dance a creation of her own.

When asked about her dress, Huelskamp said, “I was a bit nervous to wear the dress but I liked it and so did my sister which reassured me a little.”  Anyone who saw Huelskamp’s dress at the dance would agree that it was one of a kind.  There were lots of envious eyes on the dress all night. Now, making a dress may seem like an impossible task, but Huelskamp said one just has to start small.

“The first thing I ever made was a shirt out of some old red fabric that I found in my basement. Throughout the process, I had trouble picturing what the shirt was going to look like and I was often confused.  However, I stayed with it, despite my doubts, and it turned out a lot better than I had expected,” said Huelskamp.

Huelskamp got a few pointers from her mom, who had prior experience in sewing.  She also took several weekend sewing classes. Additionally, she plans to continue her dressmaking well into the future. When asked about any career plans she may have, Huelskamp replied, “Design is really difficult to get into and difficult to make a living with so it will probably be a mix of business and fashion.”  When the next dance comes around, not only will Huelskamp be decked out in a dress of her own making, but also a number of her inspired fans may be too.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Huelskamp.