Jasmine Gonzales '21, Contributor

Jasmine Gonzales, Contributor, ‘21

I don’t know about anyone else, but this week has been one word… “uncomfortable” and honestly I don’t know how to deal with it. So here are three examples of “uncomfortable” situations.

Teachers putting you on the spot…

Oh my god, you have no idea how many times this has happened. It’s not like I’m not paying attention, it’s just sometimes I zone out and then hear my name and I’m like “Crap!”. And I look around and see everyone’s eyes on me. Ugh…it’s the worst. My eyes look straight at the teacher saying “please don’t do this to me right now, it’s too early for this.” Then I just become that one emoji where the girl has both of her hands up like “I don’t even know”. Anyways like two minutes later I actually say “I don’t know.” In middle school I would just pretend like I didn’t hear the teacher and then eventually he/she calls on someone else. But this is high school, so I actually have to think of something to say…which sucks. But eventually my teacher calls on someone else like “help her out” and then you just get freaking embarrassed in front of everyone.

Partnering up with someone you don’t talk to…

It’s already bad enough that you work in groups and don’t get anything done, but when you’re partnered up with someone who you have been in a class since lower school…it’s awkward. You try to come up with something to talk about it, and it just ends up being a three sentence conversation and that’s it. The worst is when you have to present with them, because then you have to talk about who is doing what or who is saying what, and that’s when it can get really awkward. But hey, it’s better than being paired up with someone you hate.

Sitting at lunch saying nothing…

You know when you’re at lunch and you’re with you friends talking about “X” thing, and then this group of people just come and sit with you because your friend is semi-friends with them. Then they ask, “can we sit here?” and you don’t want to be rude so you are like “sure” and then for the next ten minutes you guys all just stare at each other saying absolutely nothing. Same things happens when your whole friend group is too tired to even talk about anything because they don’t want to be at school. Everyone’s staring at each other with not a single word coming out. It’s so awkward because if I try to start a conversation it doesn’t last very long inevitably going back to the awkward silence. Eventually someone says “do you want to go up?” and then the whole table just gets up takes their plates and leaves. All while saying nothing.

Hope you enjoyed those three out of hundreds of awkward situations; it’s not like I’ve experienced them or anything.