Why Everyone Must Watch The Notebook

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Why Everyone Must Watch The Notebook

Valen Zalants, Contributor

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Why Everyone Must Watch The Notebook

Valen Zalants ’19, Contributor

It has been 14 years since The Notebook came out, but it still is an emotional roller coaster of a film that will never get old.

Here are 10 reasons why The Notebook is amazing for your heart and soul.

  1. Ryan Gosling. Although I prefer Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling is the perfect man for the part of Noah. The way he looks at ­­­Allie is goals.
  2. Their relationship is quite realistic. They argue a lot, but that’s because of how much they love each other.
  3. There are plot twists. For example, introducing another man into Allie’s life.
  4. The fact that Noah lives in the nursing home to be close to Allie.
  5. Pretty much the whole movie consists of flashbacks to Noah and Allie’s life. The flashbacks show Noah reading to Allie in the nursing home.
  6. It’s Harry Styles’ favorite movie.
  7. The house: white brick, blue shutters, and a wrap-around porch. Allie described her dream house to Noah, and even though they spent years a part, he built it, and ultimately that house brought them back together.
  8. The rain. The rain is a very significant part of Noah and Allie’s love story because it rained when they cleared the air about what happened with their relationship. When Allie confronted Noah about not writing her letters, he told her that he wrote 365 of them.
  9. The letters. It turns out that Noah wrote Allie 365 letters, but Allie’s mom did not approve of Noah, so she hid them.
  10. And finally, the last scene. The last scene is the best scene and will make you cry—very hard.

In all, The Notebook makes you think about the not-so-perfect, perfect relationship. You experience every emotion throughout the film. It makes you realize that you shouldn’t settle for anyone who doesn’t love you like Noah loves Allie and how Allie loves Noah.


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