New York Fashion Week

Gauri Midha, Lifestyle Editor '21

New York Fashion Week

Gauri Midha ’21, Lifestyles Editor


This past month, one of the biggest events in fashion, New York Fashion Week, took place. From walking the runway to throwing shoes at each other, the celebs did it all. Here are some of the most creative and interesting outfits that we saw.

In this outfit Cardi B is rocking a daring red gown with a huge  statement necklace paired with big dangly earrings. The multiple ruffles and voluminous hair add to the drama of the outfit. Although the earrings and necklace are confusing, they tie the outfit together.

In this bold look Nicki Minaj is bringing back the 90s with a beautiful Bengal tiger print gown. Nicki is rocking bleach blond hair as well as some grey eye contacts. The voluminous layers of the dress complement her figure and add drama, making the fit more gorgeous. To draw everything together Nicki matches her dress with animal print heels.

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Hailey Baldwin rocked this emerald green studded floor-length gown on the pink carpet. Hailey is wearing long blonde hair extensions, adding an elegant flair to the evening gown. Her simple makeup and jewelry tie the whole outfit together.

Also wearing a sparkling outfit is super-model Gigi Hadid. She is wearing a translucent silver jumpsuit with a grey bodysuit underneath. She keeps it classic with her hair tucked behind her ears to show off her dainty jewelry.

One of Rihanna’s many show-stopping looks was this beautiful white dress. Though this ensemble may seem over top for other events, it is perfectly fitting for fashion week. Rihanna looks stunning with her simple hair and elaborate outfit. The bow in the front transforms into her long train skirt. Everything “ties” together perfectly.

Actress Shay Mitchell wears a cream colored dress. She sports this dress with some snake skin knee high boots. The dress itself is intricate with its off ruffles, weird cutouts, and dramatic drapery. The shoes add an unexpected element that draws the viewer in. Despite the confusing outfit, Shay Mitchell’s hair and makeup look gorgeous.