CCD Football Through Week Five


Jay Bhati, Sports Editor

CCD Football Through Week Five

Jay Bhati ’20, Sports Editor

As Coach Ross took back the role of head football coach from former Coach, Matt Han-

dhold, he knew this season was going to be a challenge. The roster totals 15 men, two of whom are kickers. Eleven must be on the field at all times, which leaves only two subs for the entire four-quarter game. Coach Ross, along with Tony Waite, a long-time coach of both basketball and football, have a simple solution to this problem: conditioning. They can play eleven guys with no problem as long as they are conditioned well enough to last the entire game.  This happens by running long and hard. The conditioning during the summer has paid off during the season, as the Indians are currently 5-0. However, they only play six games.

Coach Ross is a smart coach: he knows the numbers of his team and the size of the competition in the Miami Valley Conference. Sadly, CCD football is outnumbered, out-sized, and outmatched against some of the strength of the MVC. Coach Ross made a decision that would benefit his players and the direction of the program limiting the season to six games, which still proves to

be a challenge but, with hard work, is achievable. The decision was smart and was eventually going to happen due to the limited recruiting CCDS accomplishes compared to other schools in the conference. It’s hard to make a big roster when only one or two grades have five or more kids playing. If every grade were able to get ten guys on the team there wouldn’t be a problem, but sadly that isn’t the case.

However, the following quote exemplifies the current mindset that the Indians keep close to their play and level of tenacity: “Those who stay will be champions.” A lot of people doubted Country Day football and they are beginning to regret their words. As soon as standouts Keane Warner, Matthew Adkins, and Ethan Howard came into high school, they were getting playing time. As their high school careers grew, so did they. They slowly developed their talents getting time here and there and using the experiences to help further their overall play. Now, along with senior captain Josh Payne, the juniors are leading the team.

Warner and Adkins are a very dangerous one-two punch, as both can bust open a touchdown run on any given down. If Keane wasn’t a dominating lacrosse player he would probably run track and it shows on the field. Once he get

s into open space, or for that matter creates open space for himself, it is hard to catch him, let alone bring him down. He has a very good mix of strength and speed that many teams can’t handle. He owes it to putting in countless hours on the farm that he owns and helps his family run. I say with full confidence that he is one of the most dominant runners in the conference and it would be a surprise if there was anyone in the conference that could stop Keane once he gets going.

Adkins has a little less power but much more finesse. While Warner will run through people, Adkins is able to get around them in a blink of an eye, scoring 11 touchdowns so far in the season. Matthew has left people in the dust for the majority of the season and no one seems to be catching up to him any time soon. CCD has an inexperienced quarterback which leads to the dominating run performances.

While Adkins and Warner are on the ground, Howard helps the team through the air catching most everything that’s thrown his way. Almost no one in the MVC can match up against him. He and Warner made a few key plays

to secure an Indians win against Lockland, their toughest opponent of the season.

CCD has done a fine job this season and looks to end their season on a high note finishing up against Dohn Community. It will be the last game for senior captains Josh Payne and Sterling Snell. Both have made their coaches and teams proud and exemplify great leadership.

Seeing the success that occurred this season, CCD football continues to play hard and will have good leadership as junior captain Keane Warner, and the rest of his class looks to run through their senior season.


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