La Croix Flavor Review

Lila Joffe '21, Lifestyle Editor

Lila Joffe ’21, Lifestyle Editor

If you know me, you will know that I am an avid La Croix enthusiast. La Croix is an acquired taste, and when I express my love for it, I sporadically encounter people who absolutely despise it. According to Mrs. Dunn, La Croix is just “overpriced bubbly water” (true). Many struggle with the pronunciation of this drink. In my opinion there are two different ways to say it: #1 is pronounced lah-cwah, which is the fancy, French way of saying it, and #2 is la-croy, which is my usual pronunciation. Although La Croix sounds like it is made somewhere in Europe, it is actually produced in La Crosse, Wisconsin, smack-dab in the Midwest. Now that you have some background information, here is my list of the three best and the three worst flavors of La Croix.

1. Peach-Pear

This is my favorite flavor because of the unique combination of fruit. Once the drink is open, you get a trace of sweet peach smell. The two flavors of peach and pear compliment each other because they are both faint enough not to corrupt the carbonation. Aesthetics/packaging is 10/10. Flavor is also 10/10.


2.  Lime

This used to be a favorite of mine, until someone pointed out that it tastes like dishwashing detergent, which is undeniable, and now I am not able to drink it. once opened, there is not a strong smell, but while sipping it, the drinker may taste the kick that the lime provides along with the strong carbonation. Aesthetics are 2/10 (too monochromatic). The flavor is a 4/10.

3. Pamplemousse

This flavor is a classic. Any true La Croix enthusiast will know and love this flavor. Once opened, a relatively strong smell of citrus wafts into the nose. Once the first sip has been taken, the grapefruit flavor becomes milder, but it still delicious. Aesthetics are a 8/10. Flavor is a 9/10.

4. Coconut

When the can is first cracked open, the drinker will get an immediate waft of coconut, but once you actually take a sip, the flavor is not as strong as the smell, it is very disappointing. The aesthetics of the can are 1/10. Flavor is 2/10. Very disappointing.

5. Cran-Rasberry

Cran-Rasberry is another classic flavor. Once opened, the seltzer’s aroma is light and fruity. This is a very refreshing flavor, and it basically a 0 calorie and water version of your morning fruit smoothie. These two flavors mix together very well, and create a tart morning drink. Aesthetics are a 5/10 (too monochromatic). Flavor is a 10/10.

6. Key Lime

All I can say is ew. For this flavor, La Croix has abandoned its fruit and citrus theme completely, and made a flavor resembling key lime pie. Once wafted, this drink smells of sweet lime, which are two words that are not usually used in the same sentence. According to La Croix’s website, the drink offers a “rich, graham cracker finish” (weird!). Packaging is a 1/10 (colors contrast too much). Flavor is a 2/10.