Divine or Sacrilege? Met Gala 2018 Fashion Review


Lila Joffe ’21, Rose Joffe ’21, and Gauri Midha ’21, Contributors


The Met Gala is a fundraising event hosted at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each year, the Met Gala takes place the first Monday in May, showcasing the Costume Institute’s new exhibit. Only the highest tier celebrities are invited. The exhibit that premiered at this year’s gala is “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, with pieces from Donatella Versace, Christian Dior, and Cristobal Balenciaga. Celebrities are encouraged to follow the theme by wearing inspired designer pieces, and the results of this theme are as follows:

LJ : I love the idea of a Queen Esther inspired look, but this was poorly executed. The dress itself is a bit too sheer and casual for this event, and above all, Selena is sporting a severe spray tan mishap, which does not do anything beneficial for her overall look, and makes her look like a living, breathing cheeto.

RJ: I feel that this outfit is way too casual for the Met Gala, and looks like something we’ve all seen before. The sheerness of the dress makes it look less elegant and more unembellished. I would have liked to see Selena take more of a risk this year.

GM: Selena Gomez being the gorgeous person she is can usually make anything work, but this time it was a miss. The top of the dress is very similar to Selena’s last year Meta Gala gown giving it an old vibe. This dress is too sheer for a nice event like this and makes her look like a marshmallow. Her self-tan was very poorly down giving her an orange Donald Trump vibe.

LJ : I am so confused. The dress is ridiculous by itself, but when a black starred headdress is added, it makes everything worse. I love the pink hair and colorful makeup though!

RJ: The Met gala is the right place to take risks, but this outfit was too much for me. The pattern is not flattering and I don’t like the sheerness of the dress. The headdress is an interesting component, but it would work better with a simpler dress. I don’t like how her entire face is hidden because we don’t get to see her makeup. The dress doesn’t fit the theme or Cara’s personality and the pink hair confuses me. This outfit needed to be toned down a bit.

GM: There is too much going on with this dress. The dress is gorgeous and looks great on her body but without the headdress it would make more sense and would give a better sense of it. The pink hair doesn’t go with the outfit but the makeup is great.


LJ: I cannot fully express my love for Cardi B. Her dress looks like it was made for a queen (it was), and her pregnancy bump is showing. Her hair looks amazing, but I’m not loving the headdress thing. Also, is it just me or does this look suspiciously similar to Beyoncé’s 2017 Grammy’s look?

RJ: I love Cardi B! This dress looks absolutely amazing, and it shows skin without being too scandalous. The jewelry on the dress is exquisite and complements her perfectly. Her jewelry is breathtaking and complements the rest of the outfit. The headdress is very unique and fascinating, and I like how it still shows her face without taking attention away from the rest of the outfit.

GM: This is by far one of the best outfits of the night. Cardi B looks like a queen rocking this bedazzled gown and head piece. Everything works with the big hair and gorgeous gown making her look amazing. I can’t imagine how heavy this would be but she makes it look easy.

LJ: Ariana Grande is basically wearing all the famous paintings of the Sistine Chapel on her dress. I don’t like her bow, but her overall look is pretty, and it perfectly matches the Met’s theme.

RJ: This dress is beautiful and fits Ariana well. I love the use of art, it’s a new take on the theme and is very different from what other people were wearing. Her makeup was too intense, and I would have liked a more natural look that didn’t take away attention from the dress. My one concern regarding the look is the bow, which in my opinion doesn’t go with the theme at all and is unattractive.

GM: Ariana Grande looks great in this dress. This matched the theme of the night perfectly but there is just too much going on. The dress, although gorgeous, is too confusing. The bow is too much for the outfit but there can’t be Ariana Grande without a big statement piece.


LJ: Is Blake Lively the only person who seemed to understand the theme? Her gown is elegant and it fits her like a glove. The headdress actually seems to work, which is definitely a first this year.

RJ: Blake Lively looks like an actual QUEEN. I love this outfit so much, the color combinations are perfect and fit the theme perfectly. I love the headpiece, because it complements the dress without taking attention away from the dress. I usually hate long trains but in this sense, it works really well. And can we just take a second to admire the bling??

GM: Blake Lively is looking stunning in the gorgeous red gown. The bodes looks great and makes her look like a literal queen. The dress and train have amazing detailing. She is also wearing a head piece that makes everything work together great.



LJ: This is an original look. I love the idea of his suit with bible stories printed on it, but the repetitive maroon color hurts my eyes. His shoes are amazing, though, and he managed to follow the theme almost perfectly.
RJ: This outfit definitely fits the theme, but to be honest I’m not a huge fan. His shoes look like slippers, and his outfit looks like a bedazzled uniform. The blazer is too intense. I would have liked to see this toned down because all together its too much.
GM: Darren Criss is rocking this amazing suit. Everything is embezzled making this no ordinary outfit. If you look closely to his left shoulder you can see a picture of a guy who reassembles himself. He is basically wearing himself on his jacket. The short pants and no sock look was very popular through the night.


LJ: Am I missing something? This dress has nothing to do with this year’s theme, but Gigi is still rocking it. The fit and train of this colorful dress make it fun yet elegant at the same time. Her hair and making are stunning!
RJ: Gigi looks stunning in this dress, but it has nothing to do with the theme. She can make anything work, but I wish she could have gone more with the theme and given us something a little bolder.
GM: Gigi look amazing in this peacock inspired dress. Although it doesn’t go completely with the theme she still looks gorgeous. The simple makeup and jewelry tie everything together perfectly.


LJ: I love Priyanka Chopra, but this outfit is confusing. Her dress is flattering, but nothing new, and her headdress is pretty, but the outfit does not have any harmony. I love that her lipstick matches her dress!
RJ: The dress itself is very plain. I like the use of this red color, but I’m not a huge fan of the velvet texture. Priyanka can pull of anything, so of course she still managed to look gorgeous in this dress. I love the headpiece and I would have liked to see more of that kind of embellishment distributed to the rest of the dress.
GM: This red dress looks amazing on Priyanka Chopra. The train looks amazing and the color making her skin looks great. I did not like the headdress and hair which make her look odd and, in my opinion, didn’t go with the outfit.


LJ: The dress is original and different from any of the other looks this year. Zendaya looks like a queen, and manages to make her red hair and silver dress work perfectly!

RJ: I love this outfit! I love how Zendaya used Joan of Arc as an inspiration for this look. This outfit totally fits the theme.  The dress is gorgeous, and looks perfect on her.

GM: Zendaya, being the flawless person, she is, looked amazing in this Joan of Arc inspired outfit. This metallic dress made her look like a real-life warrior. As usual Zendaya chose the perfect wig to compliment this outfit.



LJ: I love Bella Hadid, but I am not sure about how this is related to the theme? The veil is gorgeous and I love the gloves, makeup and headpieces.

RJ: Although the dress looks absolutely gorgeous on Bella Hadid, I’m confused on its relation to the theme. Her veil is stunning, and I love its lace and long train.

GM: Bella Hadid looks elegant in this outfit. Her execution of the theme could have been better, but Bella still looks great. The pins in her hair looked amazing and gave her outfit a more simplistic and put-together feel.