Why Everyone Should Go to Their Parent-Teacher Conferences


Ramineni, Aadhyasri

Aadhya Ramineni ’19, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Parent teacher conferences are basically awkward encounters between your teachers and parents. They discuss what you’ve done well and what you need to work on, but what good is it if you’re not there? Recently I joined my mom and went to all my parent-teacher meetings (except math). After that experience I’ve decided I’m never going to miss one again! Regardless of your grades, attending parent-teacher conferences can help you become a better student and person overall.

Here are 6 reasons why you should go to your parent-teacher conferences:

  1. Motivation to Work. I walked out of my parent-teacher conferences feeling revived and motivated to work hard. Hearing the good and bad things from my teachers was more useful than any motivational video I’ve watched in a desperate attempt to finish my homework or study (I can’t be the only one). I actually went home that Friday and finished my homework! This is important because the main thing we’re expected to take away from our high school experience is a strong work ethic.
  2. Better Grades. Your teachers tell you exactly what you need to work on. Sometimes a teacher’s written comments aren’t clear (I don’t blame them, they have to write hundreds). And when you visit them during a school day, they might not know exactly what you need to improve on. But teachers prepare for these conferences and are ready to break your grade down for you. This way you can work smarter, not harder.
  3. Only 10 Minutes. Imagine 10-minute classes… that’s essentially what parent-teacher meetings are. And in in just an hour you’re done with your school day!
  4. Get to Know Your Teachers. Some of us don’t ever talk to our teacher’s outside of class. Maybe a quote in their office inspires you. Or maybe you share a common interest. In these short 10 minutes you can learn a lot about your teachers. This may make you more comfortable in class too.
  5. Show Them You Care. Everyone appreciates people who care. Especially your teachers and parents. So, if you care, attend the meeting, since it can only do you good!
  6. Grow Up. We aren’t little kids that need our parents be our representatives. In fact, even the middle schoolers attend their conferences; they have student-led conferences. But that may be pushing it for the upper school.