Homework App to Replace Portal for 2017-18 School Year



Nellie Shih

By Nellie Shih ‘19, News Editor

The Portal was designed 13 years ago by Mr. Baker and Kelly Hammond, a past Country Day teacher. After noticing students zooming in on the Portal on their phones, or copying the assignments down on Sticky Notes, Mr. Baker has designed My Homework App. The app will be accessible from the web, Windows 10, iOS, and Android, starting next fall. Essentially a “Portal 2.0,” teachers will still update the assignments on the web, and student will add their classes when the 2017-2018 school year begins. There are a few extra features: parents can access the app as well as the students, and students can cross the assignments off on the app.

“Some parents will use it more than others,” said Mr. Baker. “Crossing the assignments off sends them to the bottom of the list, but you can still read them.” The app is currently being piloted in the 8th grade. Nora Brant, ’21 says she likes the app “and it’s easier to use especially because you don’t always need wifi.” Mr. Baker clarified there will be a local copy available of the app after syncing it.

Molly Taylor, ’21 added, “Some of my friends would go on Sticky notes and type out their homework, then delete it when they finished it. Now they can just click a box and it marks as finished.”

“I think that the app would be a lot easier than the portal,” said Molly Briggs, ’19. “You don’t have to go all the way to the Country Day website and log in just to see your homework if you are on your phone. Also, the no-wifi-needed bonus would be great.” The My Homework App will be used next year, and it sounds like it’ll be an efficient upgrade from the current Portal.