North Gym Construction Reconvenes

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Nellie Shih

By Stephen Fatuzzo ‘19, Contributor

On Friday, I sat down with our athletic director, Mr. Chris Milmoe, to discuss the progress on the North Campus Project. Last March, the gym complex was exited, with plans to finish the pool by November of the following year, in time for the winter sports season. Unfortunately, in July, a major problem was discovered when construction crews cut into the outer walls of the pool complex. The walls, specifically those on the south and west sides, were not structurally sound, most likely due to aging and the corrosive pool environment. It was decided that they would need to be replaced, requiring the school to go back to the city for re-permitting, a process that, according to Mr. Milmoe, “takes months.”

Finally, in February 2017, the new permits were approved by the city, and construction began once again over spring break. There was a “heavy emphasis” on reconstructing the west and south walls, an “interesting” challenge because the roof had to be supported during the entire process. To do so, construction crews built huge scaffolding platforms, which carry as much as 31,000 pounds per four-foot section!

Construction is now continuing on the locker rooms, weight room, and lobby as well. Mr. Milmoe is hopeful that it will continue on schedule, and be finished as soon as possible. He looks forward to the new pool complex, and anticipates the lobby and open second floor to be an ideal spot for team meals and pre-practice meetings.