How to Survive Spirit Week 2016

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Hailey Spaeth

By Madeleine Morales ’18, Lifestyle Section Editor

A wild week ensues with an action-packed agenda: themed school days, Fall Fest, the homecoming football game, and the first-ever dance in the amphitheater. Throughout the commotion, students also are rehearsing for the school play, continuing their fall sports seasons, and pursuing academic excellence. Spirit week is truly the week to celebrate Country Day and all of our wonderful achievements by demonstrating school spirit.

The themed days allow students to step outside their comfort zones and have some fun during the week. This year’s themes include Decades Day, Tropical Tuesday, Twin Day, Fairytale Day, and of course, the beloved Spirit Day, when the entire community showcases their blue and white in anticipation of the big game.

Fall Fest is a great way for all students to get involved during this special week. Lower and Middle Schoolers run around and enjoy festivities while Upper Schoolers, alums, and parents volunteer work to make it all happen. Fall Fest is a great time to meet new people in the community and create great Country Day memories.

The football game is obviously one of Spirit Week’s highlights. Our football team is revved up by the many fans chanting in the name of school spirit. One distinct feature of Country Day is the alum and student loyalty to the school, it is quite evident on this night. Chests painted with blue and white and cheers echoed throughout Indian Hill signify the love everyone here has for the community that has shaped them.

Lastly, to top of the amazing week, the Student Council is hosting the very first homecoming in the amphitheater. Though not traditional, the dance will be a ton of fun and brings a fresh idea to the table. The weather thus far looks to be on the colder, so it should be nice because generally dances are terribly hot.

The Homecoming Week is among one of the favorite times of both teachers and students alike at Country Day because it is a visual representation of the tight-knit community that all of us belong to. I cannot wait for it to begin. GO INDIANS!