Glitter and Shakespeare: An Insider’s Look Into Makeup For A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Liz Keller

By Erica Glosby ’17, Contributor

This year’s fall play is the classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. This year the Theater Department is trying something new. The play will be put on in our new Carey Family Amphitheater. This puts enormous faith in the weather, but more than that, it puts twice the normal load on the shoulders of the tech crew. We need not one, but two sets, just in case weather does not permit us to perform outside. We are limited in what the lighting crew can do, and we will have to work around not having a backstage. That which we lack in some categories, we must emphasize in others. That’s where the Costume Department and the Hair and Makeup Department come in. Anna Geohegan ’17 and I (aside from helping build sets) are in charge of enhancing the theatrical illusion with stage makeup.

You could consider the play to be interactive in a way. Actors will make entrances from behind and to the side of the audience, making their way through the crowd to the stage. Such close proximity gives us the opportunity to embellish a little bit… or a lot. You will see vibrant colors, intricate designs, and most importantly: glitter. One design for Titania, played by Ava Kellar ‘19, has gold flakes throughout her face and green and gold eye makeup because she is Queen of the fairies and lives in the forest. Green just so happens to compliment her red hair magnificently and will be paired with a bright red lipstick. The process of designing the makeup and costumes has been a roller coaster. Themes went from steampunk with mohawks attached to helmets to 60’s London. Ideas were thrown around about fishnets and blue hair and a beard for someone who is protesting wearing any makeup at all. All discussion aside, the final decisions will be beautiful and it’s all thanks to the student body. We hadn’t gotten new makeup in a long time and we were able to raise a little over $300 towards supplies. I hope everyone come out to see the show!!