The Class of 2016’s Final Day

Camila Bagley

By Camila Bagley ‘17, News Section Editor

As another senior class gets ready to graduate and say farewell to Cincinnati Country Day, we can take a look back on their last day as a commemorative embodiment of a quirky and close knit class of Country Day Seniors.

Coming into school the morning of the Senior’s last day seemed as mundane a task as usual for the student body, until walking up those infamously long steps to the front of the building where the entire senior class was found in the glass enclosed space between the sets of doors you must enter to get inside the building. Music was blasting and as you approached, they welcomed students into the school with a handshake and a greeting before sending you through something through a mosh pit of jovial seniors filled with balloons.  Once past the human barricade students encountered another obstacle, an entire school covered in string making it nearly impossible to get anywhere. Students quickly realized that this was the senior prank.

“I had a really fun time actually doing a senior prank that wouldn’t have gotten us in trouble and was fun for everyone in the school,” says Rodney Bethea ’16, “and our class has bonded so much over this year.” The prank truly was a group effort for the seniors and exemplifies the inclusivity that occurs the last few weeks of school for a graduating class. Consequently, the waning days of school for the class of 2016 truly acted as a catalyst for tighter bonds between the students as they pulled together to make sure for their last day they went out with a bang.

Even when trying to end on a high note,  “it was extremely bittersweet and surreal to realize it was the last day walking down those hallways,” said Emma Robitaille ’16. As the day came to a close and students gathered for a ceremonial balloon drop, nostalgia swept the upper school as we reminisced on the last of our days working beside, confiding in, and looking up to the class of 2016.