The Drama Department: A Year in Review and Looking Forward

Liz Keller

By Liz Keller ’17, Arts and Entertainment Editor

This year Country Day’s drama department has gone through big changes with the introduction of Drama Director Lisa Bodollo and Technical Director Evan DiTullio. These two, along with new Choir Director Esther Kang Rose have led the Country Day students through two shows this year. The fall play, And Then There Were None, and the winter musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat were successful CCDS productions. When our two newest drama department members were asked about their experience this year, they were both happy with the growth of the department.

Mr. DiTullio was pleased with the “ownership by students” of the musical and the expansion to a 17 or 18 person crew. Ms. Bodollo had purposefully asked Mr. Femia not to tell her anything, and was impressed by the “pockets of amazing performers” within the school. Both teachers made changes within the department this year, such as the addition of interviews for tech crew positions, the abolishment of seniority, and the decision not to double cast roles in the musical.

Both teachers also have plans for next year. For Mr. DiTullio, next year is all about the “experience the students have.” He hopes to expand the technical crew, which included both high schoolers and eighth graders last year. He wants to continue and let the students run the show. As he puts it: “I know that I can run this show, but can you run the show?” Ms. Bodollo says to “stick with what you have, and keep building.” She wants to see a greater correlation between her drama classes and the shows. She plans to open up a second level course, Drama II, for the students who are more serious about theater. During the shows, she wants to let students make their own choices about their roles, and for her to “be more of a guide.” These are not the only interesting changes for next year. The fall play, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is set to be performed outside in the new amphitheater. The show may have its dates moved up from the last few weeks of October to combat the cold that often comes with the late fall in Ohio. Next year’s winter musical has not been announced yet, but as can be seen by Joseph’s large cast, bright colors, and children’s chorus, the directors are not afraid to put on an ambitious show.