Nutritional Recipes for Junk Food Favorites


Maddie Morales

By Madeleine Morales ’18, Lifestyle Editor
Grilled cheese melts, chips, and blueberry crumbles do not seem so healthy—until you try these recipes. If you are like me, cooking is fun rather than a chore. New recipes mean new experiences, which can lead to new favorite foods! These three easy recipes, accompanied by many more, can serve as better alternatives when you crave comfort foods.
The grilled cheese melt is a personal favorite of mine because of the gooey interior, inviting you to eat more. The more nutritious recipe suggests just one slice of bread, embellished with cheese, avocado, and tomato on top. You simply toast the bread enough for it to be warm and stiff, then spread the veggies on, and finally drape the cheese over it all!
Crunchy, salty, delicious: chips. Chips, one of my favorite snacks, have always been so good but fail to provide healthy alternatives that actually taste good. The closest substitute I have found has been to use sweet potatoes because of their close relation to actual potatoes. This veggie is easy to work with because you simply slice pieces and bake! Sweet potatoes also need no frying or excess salt to tincture the nutritious aspect.
Everyone loves dessert, what people do not love is the issue with how healthy it is, or in most cases, is not. My favorite dessert is a buttery, crisp, fruit pie; a nice alternate is a blueberry crumble. The nutritious twist is using oatmeal, a fantastic source of fiber and low in fat, as the crumble on top. Smothered with sweet blueberries and baked to perfection, the oatmeal proves to be an almost unnoticeable taste difference.

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