2016 Dodgeball Tournament Awards

Margaret Hodson

By Nathan Albrinck ’16, Sports Section Editor

Video by Vincent DiFrancesco ’18, Video Editor



The 2016 Cincinnati Country Day School Dodgeball Tournament was certainly one to remember. With multiple upsets, three set matches, and hits to the face, this year’s tournament will go down in history on the famous Golden Trashcan. Let’s recap the games by handing out various awards.

Best Dressed: 11th grade boys. Decked out in vintage hockey jerseys, the junior boys cruised to the finals, dropping only one set in their first two games. With names like Evgeni Malkin on their backs, they certainly wouldn’t go down easily. Honorable Mention goes to the faculty who showed up to the second round in matching T-shirts.

Biggest Loser: Sean O’Brien ’16. Who else? Going into the tournament, O’Brien talked more trash than any other player. Leaving the tournament, he was silent. During his matches and between boos, I heard words including “abysmal” and “sad.”  One fan, Eric Christine ’16 said, “I wish Sean played like a champion.” Sorry Eric, no such luck.

Main Target: Connor Pohl ’18. One of the heads of this year’s tournament, Pohl also talked a lot of trash going into the tournament. Though he eventually came out on top, no other player was targeted more than Pohl. Players on opposing teams saved their hardest throws for Pohl, while fans eagerly cheered them on.

Greatest Disappointment: Faculty, the “reining champs.” Coming off an impressive and dominant performance last year, the faculty team was only able to win one match before falling to the Blue team of 9th grade girls and 11th grade boys. Even in their first match, play was shaky and unsatisfactory. Perhaps the team was missing their G(ardner).

Comeback Player of the Year: Haven Watson ’16. Watson has played on the Class of 2016’s team for four years now. This year, she was finally able to come out on top. After the win, even Watson was surprised, “I was actually confused. I thought we still had another game, but then we were cheering and out came the trashcan over my head. It’s kind of nice to win something I’ve been thrown in to play every year.”

Most Valuable Player: Blake Adkins ’18. This year, Adkins came out of nowhere and asserted himself as the most capable player on the court. His throws were quick, precise, and incredibly powerful. While knocking out opposing players one by one, he was also able to keep himself from getting knocked out. Adkins is no doubt a force to be reckoned with in future years.

Thanks to the fans and players who came out this year for the 2016 Cincinnati Country Day School Dodgeball Tournament. Congratulations to the winning team of 10th grade boys and 12th grade girls, and to all those who won awards!

Image Source: Sra. Suarez