A Solution for ISIS in the Middle East


Bradley Dick

By Bradley Dick ’16, Perspectives Editor

Just 11 months after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, to which there was little to no successful response, the latest attack illustrates why it will take more than words alone to defeat the Islamic extremist group. Merely claiming the group is “contained,” as President Obama recently stated, will not make it so. The President’s words carry no weight in eliminating the threat of ISIS.

Instead, the Western world, which cannot risk another attack, needs an aggressive military response this time including both air and ground operations to roll back ISIS strongholds in parts of Iraq and Syria.

The President insists that the U.S. military strategy is working, even though ISIS has shown no signs of weakening. Recently, French Prime Minster Manuel Valls warned that ISIS may even have the capability to attack with biological and chemical weapons. This past week, reports reiterated the Prime Minister’s fear as Iraqi scientists from the Saddam Hussein regime began working with the Islamic State to develop both chemical and biological weapons.

These weapons pose not only a threat to the Middle East, but also a real threat to all Western nations. There is no denying that ISIS is becoming stronger and more dangerous every day.

In response to the growing threat of ISIS, France has increased their military presence and has begun conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria –areas believed to be controlled by ISIS. However, it will take more than just a few airstrikes per day to defeat ISIS. The U.S. must act with France to conduct hundreds of airstrikes per day. Furthermore, the U.S. has a legal responsibility under article five of the NATO agreement to support France in its attacks.

ISIS is not like terrorist groups we have seen in the past such as Al Qaeda. They rely on territorial conquest and expansion to survive. Their principle goal is to establish a caliphate and spread Sharia Law.

ISIS has absolutely no power without land, therefore the best and only solution to defeat ISIS once and for all is an operation similar to that used in Desert Storm. The U.S. needs to work together with France, Russia, U.K. and other NATO members to start aggressive air attacks and then deploy ground troops to shrink the power of ISIS.

When the U.S. finally begins to eliminate the Islamic State’s power, the world will feel at peace again. However, the battle does not simply end with the eradication of ISIS. There needs to be serious efforts in the Middle East and North Africa to bring economic prosperity and education programs to teach young children regardless of religion the importance of becoming a peaceful member of society.








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