Luebbers draws with the world around him as inspiration

Meredith Hritz

By Rebecca Miller, ’12, Contributor

Jonas Luebbers, ’12, is an observer. By observing his surroundings, he is able to notice minute details that would otherwise go unnoticed and view the world in a different way. He then documents these observations by drawing.

Jonas has been drawing ever since he can remember; however, he really got into drawing in first grade. Jonas thinks his attraction to drawing came from an insatiable “love of doodling.” He remembers “spending a long time doodling things just for fun, and experimenting with drawing different things, which fueled” his interest.

Jonas drew lots of cars as a kid, but now his subjects are unpredictable. He likes to “try something new each time [he starts] a piece.” With a wide array of subjects, Jonas is interested in both completely fictional subjects as well as subjects that are rooted in reality with his own little twist. Finding his inspiration in strange places, Jonas often draws something he notices during the day or night, “like an interesting reflection off of a window.” He collects “observations like this and uses them in a different context for a drawing, while trying to see how it would look from a different perspective, or a different position.”

While Jonas prefers to draw with graded pencil and sometimes pen, he doesn’t shy away from using colored pencils when he wants a splash of color.  At home, he usually sets up a table in his basement and watches television as he draws.  At school, he goes down to the art room to draw during free bells.  For Jonas, drawing is more an escape than the burden it is for some.

He has taken three art classes at CCDS, including Humanities Art, and is now on his fourth semester of art.  He has also taken two summer art classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  In college, Jonas hopes to study art, but also “something else.”  For now, he is still undecided about what that “something else” will be, but the possibilities are limitless.