Former CCDS student in Dallas Divas and Daughters

Meredith Hritz

By Meredith Hritz, ’10, A&E Editor

Dallas Divas and Daughters aired on the Style Network Sunday, Oct. 4, and is already making a splash. Courtney Michalek, a former CCDS student who would have been in this year’s senior class, and her mother, Cindy Legeza, are starring in the new eight-episode series featuring five sets of wealthy socialites of Dallas, Texas. The show follows these mothers and daughters through their daily lives to shopping sprees and polo matches. Courtney and Cindy are dubbed the “Heartbreakers” in the series alongside other duos like the “Debutantes” and the “Princesses.”

Courtney said that she and her mother “were pretty skeptical about doing the show at first because we didn’t know much about reality shows,” but after the screen test, they decided to give it a try. Although many people consider reality camera crews as too invasive, Courtney has no complaints. She says that it was a “completely wonderful experience” and that even though there were “moments filled with drama, nothing could be classified as a bad moment.” Courtney particularly enjoyed  “getting to interact with the producers and camera crew; they were the nicest people [she has] ever met.”

On Monday night, many CCDS students and other people across the country waited in anticipation for the show to air, and when it did, the reactions were very positive.  Charlie Schreiber, a CCDS senior and a friend of Courtney’s, said, “I’m really proud of Courtney for putting herself out there by going on the show and remaining above the fray of the other girls’ drama.” The show seems to be off to a great start, and Courtney is very excited to continue her television debut, even though, she says, “It still hasn’t hit me that I am on national TV. It is very scary!” Check out the next episode on Monday October 12, at 8 p.m. on the Style Network. If it is anything like the first episode, it will not disappoint its viewers.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.